Jim Avignon’s Male Strip Show


Jim Avignon1995 – 2011
Jim Avignon’s
Male Strip Show

8 little games for 2 people
Animation & Production

Featuring characters created by the legendary Jim Avignon Studios, an all action technicolour tale incorporating a myriad of gameplay possibilities, that will scroll, rotate and propel you through the wonderful world of Berlin’s craziest 1-man avantgarde. It’s a blur in blue a blaze of action. You won’t believe it until you see it and when you play you won’t stop.


male strip show 2011
Male Strip Show 2011 (Mac OS X)

System Requirements 2011:
Regular Mac with Mac OS X running on it – other versions available on request.

male strip show title screen male strip show matrix

The Male Strip Show contains 8 games in one big game – the strip. It consists of 9 screens, which are navigated through the border areas on which the cursor changes into a small rocket, which indicates the directions you can go to by clicking. On each screen there is a title loop which is interrupted by click.

The games are intended for 2 players. The coloured head on the bottom represents the active player. By winning the games, step by step, the strip on the main page is accomplished. All 8 games have to be won to see the stripper naked. Both players work on the same strip.

Game Descriptions:

easy business easy business game

Easy Business
2 identical cards have to be clicked on while overlapping in the horizontal position to disappear.

I want to be a Stereotype stereotype game

I Want To Be A Stereotype
A face shown in the beginning has to be reconstructed by clicking on 2 faces while the changes take place by chance in one of the two.

trippy disco trippy disco game

Trippy Disco
One picture has to be reconstructed with 16 cards.

friend factory friend factory game

Friend Factory
One card shown in the beginning has to be rebuild with its elements, which are scrollable on the right and left of their boxes.

hey student hey student game

Hey Student
Similiar to “tetris”, find matching cards. Use the arrows of the keyboard to move.

grave of perfection grave of perfection game

Grave Of Perfection
8 devices have to be turned on in a correct order, set by chance with each start of the game; when choosing a false device after a correct one, the former is switched off and needs to be restarted before testing a new device. When the kitchen sink in the middle runs over, time is up.

microbe hunters microbe hunters game

Microbe Hunters
Memory with the twist that after finding a match, 2 cards switch their positions.

the boy who cant relax the boy who cant relax game

The Boy Who Can’t Relax
Yellow-orange pills have to be collected, but there are plenty of other interesting pills with unforeseen effects (a little hint: the little grey pills – shaped like the good ones – substract already collected pills). Use the arrows of the keyboard to move.

male strip show disc whitemale strip show diskette

System Requirements 1995:
Windows PC 68030, 68040 or PowerPC, System 7.1, 4MB RAM, 256 colors, 3MB free on harddisk

A project by Interactive Underground (eyeyou) and Jim Avignon
Pictures+Sound: Jim Avignon
Concept+Realisation: Mina Hagedorn and Antenne Springborn
Programming: Didier Roy
Sound Editing: Matthias Spreen
Directing: Mina Hagedorn

MALE STRIP SHOW © 1995 Jim Avignon + Interactive Underground

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